Project Details
  • Year


  • Company

    Diseño Neko

  • Type

    Product Design

  • Project

    Water fountain and Diner Bar


Introducing a versatile outdoor water fountain designed with dual functionality: a convenient spot atop for direct drinking and a spacious area below for effortlessly refilling bottles. Crafted with a sleek and minimalist aesthetic in durable aluminum, this fountain offers two distinct models - one standing as a pedestal and the other seamlessly attached to any wall.

Complementing this innovation are thoughtfully designed bar and bench units, tailored to accommodate four individuals comfortably. Ideal for integration into compact food courts within smaller malls, these furnishings boast an elegant fusion of metal and wood, exuding simplicity and modernity.

* Collaborative endeavor with the esteemed Diseño Neko Team, uniting expertise to redefine the landscape of public spaces with style and functionality