Project Details
  • Year


  • Company

    Diseño Neko

  • Type

    Product Design

  • Project

    Outdoor Furniture


In the endeavor to craft an enduring outdoor furniture collection, we meticulously fashioned three key elements using a blend of robust metal and concrete.

Sunshades stand as an epitome of functionality and aesthetics, offering a sheltering haven from the sun while casting mesmerizing shadow patterns. Their adaptable design allows seamless integration with other modules or the option to shine independently, adding versatility to outdoor spaces.

Bollard and bicycle rack emerge as both visually captivating and structurally resolute. Crafted with the steadfastness of concrete, they not only serve their utilitarian purposes with finesse but also elevate the ambiance with their sleek design.

*This project flourished through a collaborative effort with the Diseño Neko Team