About: Stingray Music is a Canadian-based international multi-platform audio service that broadcasts continuous streaming music and other forms of audio on multiple channel feeds.

The aim of the Stingray’s SVOD (streaming video on demand) project is to have relevant music content available to the end user at any time and location. This project is implemented with LVL’s data-driven platform E2, that leverage Unity to implement, deploy and maintained frontend solutions that have power graphics, multi-platform deployment, high performance and the possibility to incorporate new technologies like VR, AR and AI in the close future.

Challenge: To design, build and deploy 3 SVOD subscription-based apps with different music content that shared the same codebase and thus some traits of the same design, using E2 platform powered by Untity. The apps would be supported on iOS, Android, Android TV, tvOS, HTML, and Roku.

Team: Stingray’s UX-UI team + Stingray’s project manager & product owner + LVL’s UX and development teams.

My Role: Being the bridge between Stingray’s design team and LVL’s development team. My tasks were to understand the client’s needs and vision, and translate that concept to the developers, always having in mind design elements that better fit E2 and Unity’s environment. In the same way, part of the tasks was UX consultancy, wireframing, prototyping and technical documentation.

Software: Figma, Favro, Google docs, Photoshop, Illustrator, Zeplin, Jira, Unity and more

Design Process and activities: Given that Stingray has its own design team, my tasks in this project where mainly validating the clients designs with user flows by reviewing, analysing and evaluating wireframes, mock-ups and technical documentation. I Suggested more effortless flows when I considered it necessary and proposed the use of other design elements that adapted better with E2 and Unity’s environment for a better performance, always having in mind the client’s design vision. I also provided the development team with all the graphic assets and information required for a smooth implementation and later review the proper UX-UI execution.

Additionally, as part of the continuous effort to support Stingray and in order to accelerate the workflow between companies, I worked at Stingray’s facilities doing UX consultancy on-site and supporting the creation of wireframes, prototypes and technical documentation for the second and third SVOD app.

*Due to Stingray’s NDA, I’m only showing Classica images as an example of the work done in this project, since is the only app that has been release to the market. To see Classica on iPhone and iPad go to the App store and the following link for the web app https://classica-app.stingray.com/.