About: Exploratory project to investigate and develop the type of transitions and micro-interactions we could leverage with E2.

Challenge:  Research and develop of motion design elements like transitions and micro-interactions for TV and mobile form factors. Select and use a software to create motion design, produce gifs and videos to present results.

Team: LVL’s UX team

My role: I led the R&D in this project

Software: Invision Studio

Design Process: I started the process by doing a benchmarking of the tools that I could use to create the motion designs and examples I needed to present to my fellow designers. One of the most popular tools at that moment was Invision Studio which was available for free and was pretty straight forward to use, so I decided to give it a try.

I also read some articles related to motion design and how impactful could be to the overall experience of the user. Once the research was done, I started creating animated gifs with some basic transitions. As mentioned above, this was a very exploratory project so the animations where not specific to any application, but I had the reference in mind of layouts and features from the entertainment industry (movies, series, live TV, video, music or others).

Grows and shrinks
Expands and collapses
Zoom in
Grows and shrinks 1
Grows and shrinks 2