About: At RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) and in its innovation centre called Open experience or OX, a hackathon is organised every year to encourage new employees, mostly interns, to apply innovation and design thinking at everything they do.  It’s a week full of activities and all teams have the opportunity to present their ideas to a jury that would select three winners to continue working their projects. Presentations required to demonstrate their concepts with high-fi mock-ups and good quality imagery. Most of the ideas are mobile digital products that can improve RBS users and employees experience.

Challenge:  To create medium to high fidelity mock-ups and good quality imagery for every project, with only a quick briefing from the team and sometimes sketches. Understand the team’s concepts and translate it into an appealing poster.

Team: Open Experience UI design team  

My role: UI-UX designer, I created some mock-ups, logos and poster for the teams

Software: Sketch and Photoshop


  • Safe-move Face detection verification (Biometrics) in order to register a new payee, make payments and other delicate transactions.
  • HackTrix – Is an application that helps and educates RBS customers to protect themselves and loved ones against phishing scams and cyber crime by watching videos and completing tutorials with a step by step process.
  • Travel prompt– Is an RBS app that help the customer to notify the bank when going on vacation and get information regarding currency rates.
  • Notifraud – Is an extension of the RBS app with the purpose to notify customers when a suspicious transaction take place and provide an easy way to cancel cards when lost or robbed.
  • Intranet website – RBS Intranet web page for new employees, to help them with the on boarding proves where training and tutorials can be completed and keep track of its progress.
  • EVA – Is a virtual personal assistant that helps RBS’ employees when struggling with an internal movement operation like blocking their session or forgotten passwords.